May 2021 tech news

china tech newsletter april 2021,

Below you can find our May 2021 tech news newsletter. We will collect and share interesting tech news across the globe and China about:

  • Big tech companies news
  • Microsoft365
  • Cloud
  • Guidelines from global IT MSP players
  • Cybersecurity
  • Extra tech news

Enjoy the reading.

1. Big tech companies news

Amazon is buying MGM for 8.45 Bn US.

Jeff Bezos officially leaves the position of Amazon CEO.

2. Microsoft365 news and updates

Collaboration with MS Teams

Follow this training course from Microsoft. Thanks to Tom Arbuthnot



Teams Webinars

How to run webinars with MS365 and Teams? Read here.


3. Cloud

Cloud share

How are the Big 3 doing in 2021? A comparison of AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud market share in 2021.

4. Guidelines from global IT MSP players

MSP guidelines

Not sure what MDM is? 
Read this great guideline from IT Jones team. Thanks to Hari and her team.


5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity breaches

Number of breaches soars 224% annually.



How to negotiate with ransomware hackers?

A very interesting read from The New Yorker.

6. Extra tech news

Interested in two free months of LinkedIn Premium?