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April 2021 tech news

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china tech newsletter april 2021,
china tech newsletter april 2021,

April 2021 tech news

In this blog, we will continue to share the interesting April 2021 tech news across the globe and China about:

  • Big tech companies news
  • Microsoft365
  • Cloud
  • Guidelines from global IT MSP players
  • Cybersecurity
  • Extra tech news

Enjoy the reading.

1. Big tech companies news

LG quits the smartphone business. Official PR release and the “The Verge” take.

2. Microsoft365 news and updates

Envision, Onboard and Drive Value with Microsoft 365 Adoption Tools
Microsoft has created a single site to bring together adoption content and tools from across Microsoft 365 services to simplify and accelerate your adoption and ROI from Microsoft 365. Thanks to Tom Arbuthnot


3. Cloud

Azure news

In the cloud wars, Microsoft often comes off as second best to Amazon Web Services (AWS). But when it comes to established enterprises, Azure wins more often than not. Read more from Channel Asia.



10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of Microsoft Azure’s Growth

This is a great summary of the areas why Microsoft can be a good cloud partner for MSPs from Forbes




Cloud selection:

“Ten ‘antipatterns’ that are derailing technology transformations” from McKinsey



“Focus your IT-for-IT investments in public cloud. Start by adopting only one of the major public-cloud providers for running your application workloads. Do not pursue a multicloud approach at first, as all major platforms differ significantly in setup and usage and require inordinate effort and investment for a similarly customized setup”


Cloud disasters 

The cloud on fire. From the Register

guide from Risc IT solutions if your cloud goes on fire. 

4. Guidelines from global IT MSP players

MSP and cybersecurity 

Managed service providers are ideally suited to provide cybersecurity services to the SMB – small medium business market and can build a trusted relationship by following five best practices.

Read more at: Channel PRO.

Online Fraud Prevention: How To Keep Your Small Business Safe

From Jones IT.

“Effective security requires a layered approach involving technology as well as training your employees to identify  phishing, social engineering, scams, etc. Here’s how you can prevent online fraud.”


Does Your Business Need a Network Security Assessment?

The importance of an Audit of your network is fundamental. Read this article from Milan IT industries.


Free reports

MSP and Cybersecurity outlook for 2021: free report from Kevin Clune. 


IT Business cases from MSP across the globe.


A day in the life – sales with Microsoft Teams

April, a sales rep, is looking to grow her company’s Midwest customer base. She starts her day finding a lead in Microsoft Teams and then uses Dynamics and Power BI to dig out connections that turn that lead into an opportunity. By 5pm, she has a new resource to amp up more sales opportunities in the region.

Use the powerful combination of MicrosoftTeams, Dynamics365 and PowerBI to dig out connections that can close deals. Learn more: NTC Integration Pte Ltd.



Helping Myerscough College recover from its cyber attack

Imagine waking up one morning and all of your IT system had been encrypted. Nothing is accessible. For 5000 students, and 1000 staff life was on hold.

Back in August/September we assisted Myerscough College in recovering from such a devastating Cyber Attack. One of the most intense projects we’ve been involved in.

Here is an overview of what occurred, if you’d like to understand more about the detail, how the attack occurred and what you can do to minimise the risks of such an attack hitting your organisation then post your questions below.

Many IT suppliers talk about the “flavour of the month” technologies. Very few walk the walk of managing IT systems to a secure and consistent level, getting the basics right day in day out.

If you’d like to know more about what you may be missing out and you’re operating in the UK, drop SaaSAge a line.

5. Cybersecurity

Social media accounts hacks tip

If you want to conduct a quick check to see if any of your accounts have been subject to a data breach you can go to and enter your email address to see a report which will tell you if any of your linked online accounts using that address are compromised.


“The biggest data breach fines, penalties, and settlements so far” from CSO Online


Mass ransomware Risk

Security experts are desperately trying to reach thousands of victim organizations with a single message: backup any data stored on those servers immediately.


Professional routers

“When you buy a consumer router you are buying the hardware. The software is provided as cheaply as possible. When you buy a business class router you are buying the software.” Link from Michael Horowitz.

6. Extra tech news

Interested in two free months of LinkedIn Premium?

Thanks to LinkedIn Consultant Natasha Vilaseca and the German coupon and discount page MyDealz you can deep dive into a Premium Profile and the Sales Navigator.