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China Virtual CIO: benefits of Virtual CIO for international businesses operating in China

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benefits of virtual CIO in China

China Virtual CIO: Benefits of Virtual CIO for international businesses operating in China

benefits of virtual CIO in China

How to build strong IT operations in China for your business?

The China vCIO (virtual CIO) is a professional or a company that acts as the China business’ chief information officer. The China Virtual CIO provides the international client’s IT departments with:

  1. China IT Plan
  2. Communication between global IT department & China operations
  3. Network and security analysis
  4. IT Budget for China
  5. Expertise on demand
  6. Reduce costs
  7. Language barrier

China IT Plan

China IT Issue: how to create a plan that works for China?

Solution: use a China Virtual CIO to create, manage, and execute a plan to improve, strengthen and grow your China business using the lever of IT in China.


Communication between global IT department & China operations

China IT Issue(s): Your global IT department needs to setup and implement clear standards across all the global operations. The local China team feels unheard. The global IT department cannot implement or clearly explain the benefits of bringing the China IT operations within the global network.

Solution: A China Virtual CIO can conjugate the requirements and needs of both parties and can act as the link between the global IT department and the China operations. At JET IT Services we pride ourselves on having the best of the two worlds and can support global IT departments with senior consultants that have global experience and China expertise since 2010. Our past and current projects have helped global IT teams integrate their China operations into their networks (i.e. implement global tools and software in China)

Network analysis

China IT issue: lack of clarity regarding your China IT network?

Solution: A China vCIO can analyze your network and support the security of your China IT operations. You can do that with a one-time IT audit or with yearly visits to improve, standardize and secure your China IT network.

IT Budget for China

China IT Issue: you need to implement a new solution across the globe, but you’re not sure what will the budget look like in China?

Solution: The China vCIO will be able to support your China team and your global IT department to setup a clear budget for your China operations (i.e. office and / or factories). Your IT department can consult the China vCIO to find out the best infrastructure that fulfills the global requirements and, at the same time, can operate smoothly in China.

Expertise on demand

China IT issue: Your team is not big enough to justify a full time IT director.

Solution: If your operations are not big enough to justify the headcount for an experienced IT director or if you just want to have a third party support your China local IT team, the China virtual CIO will be able to operate on as-needed-basis.

Cost efficient

China IT issue: you need to optimize your China IT costs.

Solution: As a result of working only on as-needed-basis, you don’t need to hire a full time IT expert, but you can just pay the service(s) when it is necessary and for the time required.
Your global IT department doesn’t need to send a dedicated person from the HQ to implement the China IT projects.

Language barrier

China IT issue: the local team and the global team cannot speak the same language?

Solution: JET IT Services can support you with global consultants operating in China (our partners are native in English, Italian and Chinese)

Examples of projects carried across China offices:

InTune setup and implementation

Microsoft 365 rollout (either global or China tenancy)

Build China networks

Integrate China network within global network

Setup standards for the China offices and factories

Carry IT audits to analyze office & factory IT networks

Strengthen China networks

Setup China helpdesk structure and China helpdesk team for the local operations

If you want to:

  1. Audit the IT of your Business in China
  2. Upgrade or move your business tools to these cloud solutions in China
  3. Setup a business continuity plan
  4. Upgrade your IT infrastructure
  5. Setup backup plans
  6. Improve connectivity within your China offices or with your global offices
  7. Reach out to us. 

As a Shanghai Tech provider we are offering: 

  1. China infrastructure IT support
  2. China helpdesk IT support
  3. Tech Solutions in China
  4. and, China IT Services