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How To Detect Phishing Emails?

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How To Detect Phishing Emails?

Watch out for these ten telltale signs!

Not sure if an email is a phishing email? How to detect phishing emails? 

Read the next 10 tips!

1. Display name: don't trust the sender's name

Just because it is coming from a person you know or trust doesn’t mean the email is from them. Look at the email address carefully because it will save you a lot of headaches.

2. Look, don't click.

Move your mouse over the email and see if anything weird pops up. If the text looks weird or it asks to download something, don’t click on it – report it.

3. Spelling errors

Phishing email senders are not concerned with grammar or spelling. If you find easy spelling or grammar mistakes, consider previous emails of the actual sender.

4. Salutation

Is the address too general or not precise? Is it addressed to “dear customer,” or “dear manager” but not you personally? If you encounter this, don’t open the email and report it because it is a phishing email.

5. Personal information

Any professional company will NOT ask you for personal information via email.

6. Urgency: beware!

Any email with any urgency is a phishing email, e.g., Nigerian prince, CFO wiring you $1 billion, or some widow wants to leave all their money to you, BUT you need to wire them $1000 first.

7. Email signature

Check if the sender has a full signature block at the bottom of their email. If none is present, this is not a legitimate sender and you should be careful.

8. Attachments

One of the easiest tricks is with interesting attachments. It could have a long name, or have a weird icon, or it may look like a Microsoft suite tool. Be careful!

9. A purchase order from an unknown customer? Don't open it!

No matter what doubt you may have about these emails, please refer to your IT team so they can double check the email with you!

10. If you're still not sure, ask your IT team!

No matter what doubts you have about these emails, please refer to your IT team so they can double-check the email with you!

If you don’t know how to detect phishing emails, then always reach out to an IT expert!

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