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How to Run Webinars with Microsoft Teams

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Webinar with Microsoft Teams

How to run webinars with Microsoft Teams?

Webinar with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft wants you to use more and more of Teams!

How to do that?

Add a new amazing feature! Webinars!

But, how to Run Webinars with Microsoft Teams?

With this article we have prepared a list of the main points of the webinar option from Microsoft and a slew of resources to understand how to work with it


The webinar Teams feature can support up to 1,000 attendees. There is the option to increase the number to 10,000 people only in view-only broadcast mode.

Microsoft has stated that they will expand the users up to 20,000 people using the view-only broadcast mode. This should happen by the  end 2021 and it’s meant to facilitate the work of  remote workers.


Microsoft has started the rollout of the Webinars capability in Teams from May 11, 2021.


The MS Teams webinars offer the following options:

  1. Custom registration page and attendee emails
  2. Various presentation options
  3. Host controls 
  4. Post-event report generation.

Online guides on how to use Microsoft Teams Webinar option:

Another big update: Dynamics 365 Marketing users can export attendee data directly from Teams using the Teams and Dynamics 365 integration work.

If you want to read a detailed analysis and introduction from Microsoft go here

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