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October 2021 tech news

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Tech news for small and medium businesses operating in China

October 2021 tech news

Tech news for small and medium businesses operating in China

In this blog, we will continue to share the interesting October 2021 tech news across the globe and China about:

  • Big tech companies news
  • Microsoft and Microsoft365
  • Cloud
  • Guidelines from global IT MSP players
  • Cybersecurity
  • Extra tech news

Enjoy the reading.

1. Big tech companies news

Microsoft said no more LinkedIn in China, but InJobs, which will replace the last major U.S. social network still operating in China  

Microsoft said it would shut down LinkedIn because of  the “significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China.” LinkedIn launched in China in 2014 with limited features designed to adhere to stricter internet laws in the country. However, the new site, called InJobs, will not include a social feed or allow users to share posts or articles. Senior Vice President of Engineering at LinkedIn, Mohak Shroff, says the new InJobs app will launch later this year. News from CNBC.


Windows 11: Microsoft introduces a new era for PC

Exciting news for PC holders around the world – Windows 11: Microsoft introduces the new era for PC. Find out the new features and upgrades for users.

Google Cloud Next: new cloud technologies that Google has to offer

Google Cloud Next has announced a series of innovations at its annual flagship event. The announcement contains companies’ open cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity technology, data cloud, and collaboration technology. 

2. Microsoft365 news and updates

It’s easier to create together with Microsoft 365 and Office 2021

New app updates from both Microsoft 365 and Office 2021 for consumers, students, and small businesses.  Office 2021 is a non-subscription version of the core Office apps for PC and Mac. Learn more about the availability, purchase options.

3. Cloud

What do you about China’s cloud landscape and why go for it?

A quick overview of the top ten cloud computing providers in China.

Moreover, learn about China’s cloud market share where the top 4 gets 80% of the market and global market share to compare. According to data from Canalys, cloud infrastructure services spend in China grew by 54% YoY in Q2 2021, reaching US$6.6 billion and led by Tencent Cloud.

4. Guidelines from global IT MSP players

How To Measure Network Performance for Office Networks

This blog explains the importance of network performance and provides some metrics that help to monitor it.

5. Cybersecurity

China Cybersecurity Week

Every year since 2003 October has been recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). In the light of this month, Shanghai released two new cartoon images, named Yulan and Hubao, in mini-dramas to promote cybersecurity.

Cartoon images and mini videos have become the new format for promoting Internet security and warning the public of risks like telecommunication fraud and privacy leaks, Shanghai Daily learned during the China Cybersecurity Week event.

Built-in chip to cloud protection to meet the new security challenges of hybrid work | Windows 11

“In this new hybrid work environment, more information is being handled outside the confines of the traditional office and outside the control of IT departments. This creates new, acute security challenges and makes it more important than ever to add as many layers of protection as possible to keep devices secure. Hardware protections are a key component to instilling a higher degree of confidence that devices haven’t been compromised.”—Michael Mattioli, Vice President, Goldman Sachs. 

Builders of Windows 11 ensures that is designed for today’s hybrid workplace and ensures company assets stay secure no matter where work happens. More on Microsoft Windows Security Team blog on Cybersecurity.

Prevention advice from a ransomware attack

Unfortunately, any individual and company of all sizes can be a target of ransomware. The following guidelines will help you prevent the likelihood of finding yourself in front of a locked laptop or encrypted file. If your device or system gets infected, the list also contains the steps to take.

6. Extra tech news

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