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December Tech News 2021

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Tech news for small and medium businesses operating in China

December 2021 tech news

Tech news for small and medium businesses operating in China

In this blog, we will finish to share interesting tech news across the globe and China about in 2021:

  • Big tech companies news
  • Microsoft365
  • Cloud
  • Guidelines from global IT MSP players
  • Cybersecurity
  • Extra tech news

Enjoy the reading. Let’s meet next year~

1. Big tech companies news

CES (Consumer Technology Association) 2022, a big consumer electronics show in Las Vegas   

 Google, GM, AT&T, Amazon and more refused to participate in-person CES 2022because of Omicron.



Top tech trends to watch out for in 2022

 Tech has sustained us through the pandemic and continues to redefine and restructure how we work, live and interact. But what does next year hold in store?

Source: TheEconomicTimes


People really are giving NFTs as gifts these days.

 Alex Benton is also buying his mom an NFT for Christmas, at her request. She follows him on Twitter and wants to be more involved with what he loves, so he’s going to set up a wallet and buy her an NFT. 

Source: Washingtonpost


2. Microsoft365

December 2021 updates for Microsoft Office

Microsoft released the following security and nonsecurity updates for Office in December 2021. These updates are intended to help our customers keep their computers up-to-date. We recommend that you install all updates that apply to you.

Source: Microsoft 


Google Drive Will Block Files That Violate New Terms Of Service

Google has announced new terms of use for the cloud service “Google Drive”. Now the service will start blocking access to potentially dangerous user files. It is about blocking access by a link when the owner of a file wants to share content with other users. 

Source: Google Workspace Updates


4. Guidelines from global IT MSP players

A quick hack for more productive meetings on Zoom

Add a little more focus to your meetings on TechRadar.


How To Build A Cybersecurity Strategy For Your Business

In this blog post, we help you build a cybersecurity strategy starting with overall goals but also drill all the way down to actionable steps.


5. Cybersecurity

Significant changes need to be made in the way we do security

Zscaler CEO iscuss cybersecurity and what can be done to combat the increasing number of attacks on government and business.

Source: CNBC


Threat of Ransomware Lurks in Amazon S3 Buckets

“A compromised identity with a toxic combination of entitlements can easily perform ransomware on an organization’s data,” wrote Lior Zatlavi, senior cloud architect at Ermetic in discussing the company’s white paper report “New Research: The Threat of Ransomware to S3 Buckets” in his report.

Source: Technewsworld


6. Extra tech news

 Who can access your account when you die? Here’s how to set it up.

Apple released a big iPhone update on Monday, iOS 15.2, which includes a new feature called Digital Legacy. The change will let you choose specific people who will be able to access your account after you die.

Source: CNBC


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