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TOP China tech news November 2021

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TOP China tech news November 2021

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In this blog, we will share interesting tech news across China about:

  • Big Chinese tech companies news
  • Global tech companies operating in China
  • Microsoftand Microsoft365 in China
  • Cloud in China
  • Cybersecurity in China
  • Extra Chinese tech news

        Enjoy the reading!

1. Big Chinese tech companies news

  1. E-commerce giants show shift towards sustainability on Singles’ Day. Alibaba and highlighted their efforts toward sustainability and “social responsibility actions.”

Source: KrAsia

  1. Tencent acquires Japanese game developer Wake Up Interactive, a developer of several Nintendo Switch hit games.

Source: DealStreetAsia

  1. Chinese tech giant NetEase revives Hong Kong IPO of its music streaming arm Cloud Village after reportedly delaying it earlier this year.

Source: CNBC


2. Global tech companies operating in China

Yahoo withdraws from China as Beijing’s grip on tech firms tightens. The timing of the pullout coincided with the implementation of China’s new data protection law.

Source: The Guardian


3. Microsoft365 China news and updates

–  Microsoft on expanding cloud services in China 

Source: Chinadaily


4. Cloud

1. Alibaba Cloud bolsters Asia-Pacific footprint, sets up cloud data centers in South Korea and Thailand.

Source: SCMP

2. Beijing had summoned and criticised the cloud computing units of tech giants Alibaba and Baidu for allowing access to fraudulent websites amid campaign to clean up the internet.

Source: SCMP

5. Cybersecurity

  1. Ant Group establishes joint lab for data security and privacy computing. China Money Network

Source: China Money Network

2. The municipal government of Beijing has won the green light from China’s cabinet to allow up to 50 per cent of foreign ownership in virtual private network (VPN) services.

Source: SCMP

6. Extra Chinese tech news

  1. Facebook’s next big move? To become ByteDance.

Source: Wired

2. Chinese tech giants vow to stay clear of speculating NFTs. Ant Group, Tencent, and, signed a “self-regulation” convention on NFTs with state organizations and vowed to boycott speculative activities surrounding NFTs, or “digital collectibles”. Co

Source: CoinDesk

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