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Seamless International Connectivity for Businesses in China

Expanding your business into China means navigating a digital ecosystem different from outside China and what you’re used to.

Focusing on aligning global standards and local Chinese regulations will make this transition smooth, effective, and seamless.

Tailoring Your Technology In China For Success

Every business’s needs are unique, especially when integrating operations between China and the rest of the world. 

Our tailored connectivity solutions are designed to address the specific challenges of international businesses, e.g., from selecting compatible hardware and software to implementing multi-site internet solutions and ensuring compliance with local laws.

Navigating Connectivity And Compliance In China

Like any country in the world, the digital terrain in China comes with its own rules. Ensuring your business stays connected and compliant requires a deep understanding of these regulations and the technical know-how to implement solutions that work. Our strategy includes:

  • Setting up VPN and remote access solutions.

  • Establishing cross-border network setups.

  • Managing international ISP partnerships, all while remaining compliant in China.

The Scenario:

A global company aimed to launch an office and factory in China, enhancing its footprint and streamlining supplier management. With a team in Shanghai, they faced the common challenges of setting up in China—choosing the right tech mix, ensuring seamless connectivity, and navigating local regulations—all within 100 days.


The Strategy:

Tech Setup: We carefully selected hardware and software that fit global standards and China’s requirements.

    • Connectivity: Implemented tailored connectivity solutions to ensure smooth operations between the Shanghai office and the global network.
    • Compliance and Support: Navigated local laws to ensure compliance, provided bilingual IT support, and set up a flexible, responsive ticketing system.


The Outcome:

The new office was up and running on schedule, fully equipped and compliant.

    • Established a solid foundation for international connectivity and data security.
    • Guaranteed ongoing support tailored to the company’s growth and evolving needs.

With expertise in blending global IT standards with local nuances, we ensured the company’s smooth expansion into China, overcoming tech pain points and regulatory hurdles.

Why Partner With JET For Connectivity Solutions

Choosing JET means leveraging our expertise in blending global IT standards with the nuances of China’s digital landscape. 

We offer end-to-end support, from planning to implementation and ongoing management, ensuring your business’s digital infrastructure supports its growth and expansion goals.