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IT Audit – Dalian 大连

IT Audit - Dalian 大连

We now operate in Dalian 大连. We mainly serve the central districts of Zhongshan District 中山区, Xigang District 西岗区, Shahekou District 沙河口区, Ganjingzi District 甘井子区.

What is an IT Audit?

An IT audit identifies risks to the business within a number of key IT areas including: business continuity, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, modern workplace and scalability for growth to mention a few.

IT audit is a pivotal part or our services that we provide for our clients in China. After the audit we have better understanding of the client’s situation, and we can provide additional services such as managed IT security solutions or managed IT services if needed.

We now perform thorough IT audits that can be tailored to clients’ needs and requirements in Dalian. Through us you can also find other IT services in Dalian as needed.

When is it used?

IT Audits are generally used in the following situations:

  1. New business acquisition
  2. New CEO / General Manager appointment
  3. During M&A
  4. Lack of general IT documentation
  5. New investments / upgrades

In these situations, the management team wants to understand the current situation of the IT of their business to support their plans in China.

How does it work?

  1. Meeting between JET IT Services consulting team and the customer’s team (General manager, CTO or IT manager, other decision makers) to clarify the specific objectives of the IT audit
  2. Collection of basic information from customer and delivery to JET IT Services team
  3. Onsite visit to collect user information and network information
  4. Interview of some users
  5. Testing of some user and network devices
  6. Review of the documents collected and initial draft from the tech engineers who went onsite
  7. Preparation of the report
  8. Discussion of the report between the JET IT Services team and customer’s team

What are the deliverables of the IT Audit?

  1. Create IT documentation (equipment list, heatmap, IT summary, office map, network topology, IT room, etc.)
  2. User devices assessment (lifecycle, security risks report, legal software compliance, recommendations for standard solutions)
  3. Office network infrastructure analysis (internet speed, review of the internal network setup, internal topology, etc.)
  4. Company servers (file share matrix, user management, lifecycle, etc.)

What does the IT Audit include?

  1. Find IT bottlenecks and address them
  2. Improve the productivity of the user and network devices
  3. Identify security risks within the user and network devices
  4. Align IT with the business goals
  5. Software compliance
  6. Prepare disaster and recovery plans plan

Biggest differences between IT Audits in China and outside of China?

  1. Local accounting software require special attention
  2. Analyze connectivity between China entity and global entities
  3. China entity cannot have the same standard as the global entity for certain business hardware / software: find the solutions that can fit each specific business
  4. Data management: Chinese cybersecurity law is quite stringent, and the closest comparison is the set of data protection laws enacted in Europe

I received my IT audit report. What happens now?

As mentioned above we go through the results together with the client and Jet It Services will provide recommendations how to fix possible issues discovered in the audit.

After IT audit has been completed it is also easier to recognize general areas of IT which need improvement. Sometimes, it might be a good option to hire continuous help and managed it service from us. This is mainly because having own IT department is not always feasible (hiring, general costs, etc.) and there are so many dimensions to IT issues that a team of specialists is needed. Our team of experts that can be used on demand will help solving the issues that clients often face.
You can read more about our IT support services here and we also help with office and factory setups and relocations and you can read more about those services in here.