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IT Project Services

Managing new technology projects from end to end is always challenging, especially when you are short on resources or lack access to the required skills. 

Even before starting an IT project, you’ll face a few hurdles. For example, what exactly do you need and want? Who’s going to do it? Who will manage the project? What about data and cybersecurity as we start the project? And the list goes on.

Being in China presents different challenges, ranging from language barriers to different software versions compared with your HQ in another country. And are all aspects of your IT project compliant with China’s laws?

The JET Solution

JET offers a one-stop solution for your IT projects. 

We help you align your business and technology strategies, ensuring your desired outcome. Leveraging the right, highly-skilled individuals, strong relationships with world-leading vendors in China, and proven success, we help you manage the complexities of IT project management.

Our Success Stories

Client: A leading luxury company.

Challenge: The company’s new leadership aimed to align its local IT infrastructure with global standards. More importantly, it needed to change to a better local IT service provider, as its current vendor did not communicate well with it and was clearly overcharging.

Task: The task was clear — to streamline communication, ensure compliance, and optimize IT operations without disrupting the existing setup. 

Solution: We initiated an IT audit to thoroughly understand the network and user setup. This step was critical for tailoring the solutions to fit the company’s global standards and the unique requirements of its China operations. 

Our actions included upgrading the network, transferring the internet connection to the company’s control, and establishing a robust connectivity solution linking their operations in China with their Asia headquarters. We also introduced an IT support contract for sustained efficiency.

Outcome: The results were immediate and impactful. 

The company achieved a streamlined IT setup that complied with global standards and ensured efficient and clear communication across borders. 

This alignment brought a significant sense of relief and satisfaction, as it meant that the IT framework was now robust, compliant, and cost-effective, matching its global counterparts while perfectly adapted to the local context.

Client: A prominent European machinery manufacturer.

Challenge: The company faced difficulties with their local IT setup, including a lack of clear documentation, reactive support, and a resigned attitude towards improvement possibilities within the China context. Worse, their existing IT vendor had a “this is China, we can’t do anything” mindset.

Solution: Adopting a systematic approach, we started with an IT audit to thoroughly understand the existing network configuration. We then took these steps:

  • • Upgraded the network to address audit findings and implemented enterprise-level solutions.

  • • Moved many network operations to the cloud for better management, set up proactive updates, and established a consistent maintenance schedule.

  • • Provided remote user support with regular onsite visits to ensure smooth network operations, allowing the local IT staff to focus on direct user needs.

  • • Managed vendor relationships and worked closely with the global IT team to align the local network with international standards.

The company experienced relief and control over their IT environment, something they had never had before. With a proactive approach to network management and clear security policies, they could finally focus on their core business activities.

Client: A North American manufacturing company with operations in South China.

Challenge: The company faced a critical situation when they had to dismiss the local General Manager and IT Manager due to unethical practices. This left the global entity in a precarious position, without insights into the local IT setup, severed ties with IT vendors, and lacking local support for over 150 users.

Solution: Our immediate response was to conduct an IT Audit, gathering crucial information about the current IT environment. These were the actions we took after the audit:

  • • We sent an IT engineer for onsite support for the first two weeks.

  • • Updated all credentials, ICP, DNS, email, and website, registered using the former IT manager’s personal details.

  • • Overhauled the network for full control, aligning with global IT emergency protocols, removing unauthorized access, and ensuring transparent communication with the global IT team and vendors.

  • • Assisted the local team in hiring a new IT specialist.

  • • Transferred network oversight to the global IT team and passed maintenance responsibilities to the newly appointed local IT staff.

Our swift emergency management restored control and transparency over the IT operations with complete documentation. This comprehensive approach restored a sense of control, clarity, and confidence among the international and local teams, setting a solid foundation for future operations.

We understand your challenges in China. Let’s schedule a meeting and find a solution to achieve your desired results.