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Managed IT Services – Suzhou 苏州市

Managed IT Services - Suzhou 苏州市


We now operate in Suzhou 苏州市. We mainly serve the districts of Wuzhong, Xiangcheng, Pingjiang, Canglang, Jinchang, Suzhou Industrial Park and Suzhou New Hi-tech District.

What are our Managed IT Services?

It is a monthly contract between an IT provider(us) and an organisation: the IT provider proactively monitors and maintains the organisation’s user devices, networks and servers, data backup systems, software and technology infrastructures, and overall network security and risk management.

We offer our managed IT services in most of the major cities, including Suzhou. Other services we provide are IT audits and relocation and setup services for offices and factories in Suzhou and elsewhere in China.

How can our service help your business?

Managed IT service companies help businesses by:

  • maintaining user devices and IT infrastructure
  • managing and updating security patches
  • supporting the network infrastructure and liaising with the ISP vendor for internet problems
  • providing and managing backup and disaster-recovery solutions
  • setup user accounts, manage emails & set user rights
  • educate customers and mitigate cyber security risks
  • and a lot more

Can I outsource everything related to IT or just some parts of it?

You can outsource your IT to a managed services provider following 2 models:

  • Total outsourcing: the Managed IT provider manages all your China IT on your behalf, or
  • Augment your current IT staff on projects or helpdesk support

So, you can choose which arrangement works better for your business needs.

What is included in Managed IT Services?

JET IT Services includes the following in our Managed IT Services agreements:

  • Managing installations and upgrades
  • Network provisioning or virtualization
  • Providing help desk technical support
  • Suggesting and implementing software patches
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Providing web hosting
  • Overseeing network security & risk mitigation
  • Network testing and monitoring
  • Connectivity and bandwidth
  • Disaster recovery management

How does it work?

Delivery process usually is as follows:

  1. IT Audit
    1. JET IT Services will perform an IT audit to assess the customer’s current network situation
    2. The goal is to provide a comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure, software and systems to understand your current environment.
  2. IT Audit deliverables
    1. Deliver report on the situation with areas of improvement and create IT documentation
  3. IT Projects post IT Audit
    1. We will start fixing your tech issues based on priorities and work towards improving the efficiency of your IT systems
  4. Discuss requirements for the managed IT services
  5. Assign point of contact and instruct on the SLAs (service level agreements – response time) and ticketing system
  6. Deliver remote support
  7. Onsite visits
    1. We will perform ongoing / periodic monitoring and maintenance of your workstations, servers, and IT equipment (based on the service level agreement)
    2. Number of visits is based on the size of the customer or customer’s requirements
  8. Quarterly or half year review of tickets (incidents, requests, projects tasks, consulting projects)
  9. Yearly review and renewal of contract

Do you have a standard package for managed IT services?

Yes, we do have a standard package. Our standard Managed IT Services package includes:

  • English and Chinese IT support desks in China
  • PC and mobile device management,
  • Proactive IT monitoring
  • Scheduled IT maintenance onsite and remote
  • Lifecycle and upgrade planning
  • Cybersecurity measures to counteract viruses, malware, phishing and spyware (with partner companies)
  • Business data backup, business continuity planning and disaster recovery preparedness

Sometimes different kind of IT support is needed, and our service can be tailored specifically for your needs and requirements. Get in touch and let’s talk more how we can help you.

Do you have some examples or case studies how you have delivered services?

We have lots of happy customers and below are some examples how we have solved their problems and issues.

Case study 1: International retail company with 25 employees office in Shanghai.


  • Lack of clear communication between the local IT vendor and the global IT director
  • IT project behind schedule and security loopholes

The customer approached us to perform an IT audit and uncover their current situation. After analyzing the office network, user devices, and user experience interviews, the customer found that there were different security issues and a general lack of information from the previous vendor. The customer decided to hire us to take over the managed IT services and rebuild the local office network that is compliant with the global requirements.

Our plan focused on the following main aspects:

  1. Rebuild the local network (virtualize various servers, change all the internal Wi-Fi networks, build different subnets, reallocate users on the various subnets, change logins and passwords of network devices, etc.)
  2. User management (update and standardize all Windows licenses to Windows 10 PRO, standardize various Office software to E3 licenses, remove local malware software, etc.)
  3. Implement clear reporting with weekly meetings with the global IT director and constant updates of tickets in our internal ticketing system for all the steps taken

Results of the takeover:

  1. Users migrated to the Active Directory
  2. Standard solutions for users based on group policies and user management best practices
  3. Clear documentation for the local General Manager and the global IT Director
  4. Ongoing managed IT services contract with unlimited remote support and onsite visits included for monthly checks
Case study 2: International consulting company with 6 employees office in Shanghai.


  1. Manage initial setup of the office
  2. Provide ongoing support for users

The customer approached us to help them setup their small Shanghai office and provide ongoing support for the first users. Considering that the global IT director couldn’t travel to Shanghai, all the conversations happened between emails and Teams calls. After receiving the build of materials from the global IT Director, we sourced, installed, and did the initial setup of the local office network.

Given the small number of users, we recommended the customer to buy a small Break Fix retainer with 25 hours. By doing this the local users could have IT support on as needed basis. And the Asia Managing Director and the Global IT Director can have a smart hands support team (technicians on site) available in China. They can increase the level of the support based on the growth of the business to ensure smooth business operations.

Service model

The Managed IT Services revolve around a complete IT support agreement based on users, workstations and network devices. We ensure your tech efficiency by providing you with a variety of IT solutions and services at a fixed monthly rate.

Our agile approach allows you to pick and choose the best plan for your company in China.
We don’t like unpleasant surprises and we don’t want our customers to have surprises with their IT in China.

Our mission is to give clear documentation, clear standards and clear budgets to our customers.

What are some pain points or surprises in China for global IT directors?

Our sweet spot is international businesses with operations in China. So, we know a thing or two about potential issues your local team may face.

Let’s go through the most obvious ones through a typical case we see often.

Case study 3

Your global team has decided to open an office / factory in China and support the expansion in the Middle Kingdom. Our customers setup their Chinese operations to better manage their Chinese suppliers or take an active hand in growing the China operations.

You are the Global IT Director sitting in Milan, Berlin, New York, Paris or Amsterdam. And if you’ve never travelled to China before, now it’s even more complicated with all the global travel restrictions.

Your board asks you to setup an office in Shanghai with 30x people and deliver the new office within 100 days.

You will need to procure and deploy:

  • ISP contract and ICP license(s)
  • Choose the infrastructure network build
  • Select the mix of hardware and software that works in China
  • Set standard solutions for end user devices (workstations and MDM)
  • International connectivity solutions (shared or dedicated MPLS, SDWAN, etc.)
  • Disaster recovery and backup solutions

Typical Chinese tech pain points:

  • Which brands do I want to use?
  • What’s the availability and delivery timeline for hardware and software?
  • Will I get a legal VAT invoice?
  • Can I have the same global standard, or do I need to implement a mix of global standard and local standard?
  • What can I do with the finance and accounting team devices?
  • Should I use Global licenses or local licenses? Microsoft 365 global or Microsoft 365 China?
  • How can I abide by the local regulations in terms of data transfer and data regulations?
  • How can I provide an international grade connectivity to my local team and be compliant?
  • How will the Chinese firewall affect our Chinese operations?
  • Who will manage the local implementation? Can they document the work? Can they be the liaison between the global requirements and the local regulations?
  • What are the local regulations for banking and accounting software?
  • Can I get a bilingual IT support for my Chinese operations?
  • Can they provide me a ticketing system or use my ticketing system for all the support delivered?

Our customers are international companies with operations in China looking to blend global IT standards with the local requirements.

We speak English, Chinese, Italian and a few local Chinese dialects. We have delivered projects across multiple Chinese provinces with partners across South East Asia.

In case you have some current issues with your IT get in touch and lets find a solution together. Or perhaps you just want to make sure that everything is working the way it should and that there are no underlying issues you can have a look at our IT audit service here. In case old office or factory does not suit your needs we do setups and relocations and you can read more about those services in here.