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Office and factory setup or relocation -​ Nanjing 南京市

Office and factory setup or relocation -​ Nanjing 南京市

Good tech habits for an office in China

We now operate in Nanjing 南京市. We serve the central districts of Xuanwu District 玄武区, Qinhuai District 秦淮区, Jianye District 建邺区, Gulou District 鼓楼区, Qixia District 栖霞区 and Yuhuatai District 雨花台区.

Office and factory setup or relocation

It can be a complicated task to open a new office or a factory, especially if you’re not familiar with China. There are many challenges and special rules that apply in China that must be considered.

We have extensive experience in setting up new offices and factories and relocating clients to new cities and provinces. And we are happy to provide our services also in Nanjing. In addition to setting up and relocating we now also offer managed IT services for businesses in Nanjing and IT audits too. With our help it is also of course possible to update the IT infrastructure in existing facilities.

Read more and we will explain how we can help in the process of setting up and relocating offices and factories.

What is the typical scenario where clients need our help?

Usually, our customers call us when they’re facing one of these 3 setups:

Scenario 1: You want to enter a new city in China. You have identified your new location. You signed the contract lease. Before you start the operations, you want to setup your China IT Infrastructure.

Scenario 2: You’ve just acquired a new business. And you want to standardize the IT Infrastructures of both companies in a less disruptive and more effective way.

Scenario 3: You are growing your China business and you need more office or factory space. You want to relocate to another district or an entire another city. You want to pack your network, move it, unpack the network in the new site and hit the road running soon.

What are the common issues with the above situations?

If you are facing any of the above circumstances, the typical China IT challenges you’ll deal with are:

  1. What are the business objectives your China entity needs to hit and how can your China IT support them?
  2. What are the potential hurdles you may face at the new site (cabling, ISP options, phone options, global connectivity, building management, etc.)?
  3. How will you manage all the current tech suppliers (ISP, Phone, IT Support, etc.) and avoid downtime(s)?
  4. What’s the best ISP and phone supplier that can support your connectivity needs in China and outside of China?
  5. What kind of IT Infrastructure are you going to implement?Can it work in China?
  6. What about the server, storage, workstations, and security setup?
  7. What about the communication systems?
  8. What kind of backup system do you need for your China business?
  9. What about the cabling and Wi-Fi coverage?
  10. Will your global software fit in China? Will you create a single network in China or will you add the China entity to the global network?

What we can do for your business - here is how JET IT Services can help you in China

  1. Provide bilingual end-to-end full project management to your international IT team and to your local team
  2. Develop Project Plan that lists all tasks involved, completion date and action holders
  3. Consult and source complete Bill of materials (BOM)
  4. Negotiate with the various hardware and software vendors
    ISP, ICP and phone applications
  5. IT room design and installation
  6. Installation of the network and user devices
  7. Structured cabling and AV solution
  8. Final report and full documentation

Are you setting up your office or looking to relocate your China office and/or factory soon to another district or province?

Get in touch with our bilingual team and we will support you in every step of the way in China!

In addition, we also provide IT support services such as remote IT help, help with cyber security and we can help with purchasing suitable hardware to name a few. So, you won’t feel left alone after successful setup or relocation. Our team of experts can provide ongoing support based on your business needs.

We offer our services with flexible and fixed hours and client can choose which option is the best for their needs. We also offer lots of other IT related services too and you can read more about our most popular IT services such as managed IT services and IT audit.