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In 2022 we engaged Ervis and JET IT Services to support our new China team with:
1. Provisioning of user devices
a. Laptops
b. Company phones

2. Ongoing IT support
a. User support for the China employees
b. Communication with the Global IT Team and setup standards for the new team

3. Procurement and management of IT solutions
a. Global connectivity solutions
b. Management of software solutions

Ervis and his team’s service has been outstanding, and they were responsive, flexible and raised the standard of our local systems to meet global IT standards.
Their trilingual support (English, Chinese, Italian) cannot be matched in China and JET was instrumental in building a strong IT foundation for our business in China.
I recommend Ervis and his team for all your China IT needs.


Nicola Cosmai
GM Alessi China


In 2021 we engaged Ervis and JET IT Services to audit our Shanghai office IT network as we wanted to:

Document the IT infrastructure of our Shanghai office and standardize our user devices

2. Improve our Office Wifi

With their expertise, we upgraded our local IT infrastructure to standard professional devices. The upgrade also provided a stable and smooth wifi coverage to our employees and guests.

I recommend Ervis and his team to any company that wants to build a strong IT in China and integrate it into their global infrastructure.


Andrea Busanelli
CFO Laminam China


JET IT Services is a very professional IT company and solved our IT problems quickly and efficiently. Communication with the IT engineer was very smooth, and they could responded in a very short time. We chose JET service as our long-term IT supplier and solutions partner. 


Celine Guan
Administration and Order Processing Manager
Palas Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Ervis and his team at JET IT Services delivered a very satisfactory service for our Shanghai team. They understood our work scope, communicated clearly with the USA IT Team and the Shanghai team, carried out the support and closed the project professionally.

I’d recommend them to international firms looking for professional IT Services in China.


David Crowder
Senior System Administrator

Corney & Barrow

In 2020 Corney & Barrow expanded their business into China. An office in Shanghai was selected, and I was asked to find a local company to provide IT support services, including installations and ongoing support to local users. I looked at a couple of companies, one of them being abcxyz, recommended to us by another business in China. I found them to be quite helpful by email, but when it came to holding a conference call and going over our requirements, I found it quite hard to understand them. When I asked what they could do for us, their response wasn’t clear. I felt it might be good to compare with another local business.
I was google searching and came across a website that listed IT companies in Shanghai, and Jet IT Services was one of them. I emailed them in Sep 2020 and received a response the very next day. Ervis emailed me explaining the services and what they provide to local/international companies. During our conference call, Ervis spoke excellent English and understood my requirements. He was very professional and offered possible solutions to my needs. 

Jet IT Services set up the infrastructure in the office, internet line, server, firewall, backups, users set up on 365, and provided support to local users. I had all the help I required and never looked back. Ervis and the team have been amazing, and we are happy to continue working with them for the foreseeable future.


Tariq Malik
Head of IT
Corney & Barrow

B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd

B&R Enclosures manufactures sheet metal enclosures for the electrical and telecommunications industries. It is an Australian company with manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China (ISO9001 certified) and offices in other centres in Asia and the Middle East. Recent successful contracts include partnering with ABB Shanghai to supply the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine in Mongolia.

As an Australian company operating in China, it can be difficult to provide, support and maintain technology from that distance. The local market dynamics, cloud infrastructure and regulatory environment, are significantly different to that in Australia.

To successfully deploy technology and systems requires an understanding of the people and processes and overcoming language and cross-cultural challenges. This is why B&R needs to have a trusted technical partner in China like Jet IT Services that understands the local environment within the global context. It is also important to partner with a company that has the right business “fit” and is aligned with B&R’s values, particularly flexibility and agility.

B&R has used JET IT Services for relatively simple tasks, such as assisting with 21Vianet setup and configuration and conducting a detailed review of our operating environment. JET IT was able to respond quickly and help us recover our environment following a cyber-attack in 2020.

Ian van Haeringen
Information Systems Manager
B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd
B&R Enclosures (Suzhou) Co. Ltd


Thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Ervis. Clearly a professional in his field and it was a pleasure to explore new and innovative and honest ways of approaching opportunities in a tough market. Ervis is extremely knowledgeable yet results driven with a great attention to detail. His extensive knowledge of digital strategies and the pitfalls that the Chinese market comes with can help organization avoid problems and focus on core competence. Finally, his highly personal approach make Ervis a pleasure to work with.

Andreas Guip,
Managing Director of EW-Link