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Using JET's innovative IT solutions and first-class tech support, we help your business grow

Does your company suffer from these typical IT challenges?

Connectivity issues between China and overseas office locations, especially with Office 365?

Business grade IT equipment/services sourcing, especially with language barriers?

Office IT equipment and services suddenly not working?

Site-to-site VPN connectivity between China branch and HQ abroad?

Windows 10 incompatibility especially with Chinese government agencies?

Finding it difficult to keep up to date with China's changing IT landscape?


Our innovative IT solutions and first-class tech support help your business grow​


Most of the time all your IT services work well, but suddenly without warning, you can’t send or receive email, or can’t connect to the office printer, or can’t attach files and PDFs to emails.

These simple issues affect your productivity!

We can fix these annoying problems for you very quickly so that your work continues uninterrupted.  We offer these tech support services:

· Service desk

· Proactive IT monitoring

· Network management

· User access management

· Remote IT support

· Device security


Hardware and software companies all sell the idea that their products are easy to install and integrate with your existing systems.

But that doesn’t always happen!

We will advise you to make sure your hardware and software choices meet your immediate and future needs, especially in the areas of:

· Software management

· Hardware recycling

· Network security


These days, we are spoiled for choice. But with so many equally good vendors, how do you choose the best one for your business needs and budget?

And what about backup and security features? Which cloud is the right one for you?

Let us help you find the best fit for your business.  We offer managed hosting solutions for:

· Office 365 and SharePoint solutions

· Hosting and infrastructure


Relocation worries? Don’t know how to bring your IT equipment and set up at the new place? Need to build a local network for your office?

Digital marketing and content creation a headache for you?

We can help you with your IT and digital needs.  We specialise in:

· Office relocation

· IT Audits

· Deployment

· IT migration projects

· IT Service transition

· Penetration testing

· Data security: backup & recovery

· Web & App security

· ERP & CRM cloud hosting

  • Website design and content creation

Service Plans​

We have two plans to match your needs.

We can serve as your IT support team if you don’t have one or enhance your existing team anytime you need help.

We have two ways to offer our managed IT support services in China – First option is fixed IT support contract with a flat monthly fee

We offer IT services for a flat monthly fee. No hidden fees. Everything is fully transparent. Easy to budget and easy to communicate. Fee depends on the amount of users and devices.


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Our second offering is a monthly IT support contract with hourly retainer - use hours as you need for any IT support needs

We also offer more flexibility with our hourly support retainer. You can use as many hours as you need for any IT support needs. Hours can be added on the go if sudden need arises.

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JET IT Services has been delivering IT solutions in China since 2010 with a team fluent in English, Chinese, Italian, and a few other European languages. Contact us and let us help you!

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