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“In 2024 we engaged Ervis and his team at JET IT Services to support us with the implementation of Microsoft365 and reviewing and redoing our ICP.

If you’re looking for an IT vendor in China that understands your China IT needs, helps preparing a clear process and delivers on it, get in touch with Ervis and his team.”

Annabel Baade
Co-founder and COO


“Ervis’s team demonstrated exceptional hands-on expertise, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption and maximum flexibility. Their deep IT knowledge and personalized approach made the complex cross-border migration a success.”

Jonathan Xu
Director of Business Development
Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China


”I recommend JET IT services to any international company looking for IT solutions in China. Ervis and his Team helped us through a difficult and complex ICP issue and guided us through the intricacies of the Chinese ICP system.“

Simon Griffiths
Managing Director
Webxopt Pty Ltd


”Their trilingual support (English, Chinese, Italian) cannot be matched in China and JET was instrumental in building a strong IT foundation for our business in China.“

Nicola Cosmai
GM Alessi China


”JET solved our IT problems quickly and efficiently and communication was always smooth. We’re delighted JET’s our long-term IT supplier and solutions partner.“

Celine Guan
Administration and Order
Processing Manage Palas


”Ervis and his team at JET IT Services delivered a very satisfactory service and I recommend them to international firms looking for professional IT Services in China.“

David Crowder
Senior System Administrator


”I recommend Ervis and his team to any company that wants to build a strong IT in China and integrate it into their global infrastructure.“

Andrea Busanelli
CFO Laminam China

B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd
Corney & Barrow

Does Your Company Suffer From These Typical IT Challenges?

If you do, contact us

Connectivity issues between China and overseas office locations, especially with Office 365?

Business grade IT equipment/services sourcing, especially with language barriers?

Office IT equipment and services suddenly not working?

Site-to-site VPN connectivity between China branch and HQ abroad?

Windows 10 incompatibility especially with Chinese government agencies?

Finding it difficult to keep up to date with China's changing IT landscape?

If you do, contact us

“Ervis and the team have been amazing, and we happy to continue working with them for the foreseeable future.”

Tariq Malik
Head of IT, Corney & Barrow